April 24, 2017

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No Job Is Too Big For King Com Cable

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SPIN Number:143034382

License Number:TS02208
MN State Vendor ID:0000386510


NAICS #s:237130 | 238210 | 238990

King Com Cable Networking is one of Minnesota’s top rated data cabling companies, providing customers with expert communications cabling installation, structured cabling, fiber termination, fiber splicing and testing to industry-recognized standards and your satisfaction. We have several Cellular Signal Booster Systems. Our cellular signal boosters systems meet all new FCC regulations and registration. No matter what the size of your building we have a cell phone booster right for the job.
King Com Cable employs technicians with a wide range of experience in data cabling structures, LAN-WAN topologies, voice/data cabling to include Cat5E, Proposed Cat6, Optical Fiber, Fiber Cable and Broadband video systems and cellular signal boosters.  All data cabling systems and wiring  systems are fully tested upon completion and King Com Cable can provide additional support for upgrades, additions and reinstallations.


King Com Cable Networking offers a full range of services including network cable design, project management and network cable maintenance.  Our experience in installing communications systems, such as cellular signal boosters, voice data and fiber optics in institutions like financial services, school districts and medical facilities, local & State government buildings, as well as industrial facilities are recognized throughout Minnesota and beyond.


King Com Cable is a steadily growing company which is continually expanding its wealth of experience and staff of highly-trained cabling  technicians and personnel. Our commitment to stay abreast of newly emerging technologies in the network and communications field ensures our ability to meet your needs now and in the future.


King Com Cable Networking has achieved wide-spread recognition for the depth and quality of its professional services. Together, the Information Systems industry and King Com Cable are being fueled by the concept of outsourcing. Outsourcing (Subcontracting) is the use of alternative sources of expertise to perform specialized tasks. Outsourcing has quickly gained popularity as companies worldwide realized its time and cost efficiencies, as well as the benefit of specialized technical expertise. Using King Com Cable as an outsourcing tool, in other words subcontracting King Com Cable, the displacement of in-house staff is eliminated and greater resource balancing for the customer is achieved. Cabling personnel who would normally be assigned to complex technical tasks are used to greater advantage at the supervisory level.