April 24, 2017

Cellular Signal Booster

Finally No More Dead Zones and or Dropped Cellular Connections. Increase Productivity and Security in your office buildings, warehouses, health clinics, educational facilities or any large or small buildings.


King Com Cable Networking is proud to offer only the very best Cellular Signal Booster Systems. We offer consumer grade signal boosters that can cover about 25,000 square feet and industrial signal boosters that can cover about 80,000 square feet. King Com Cable offers the best cellular signal boosters from SureCall Cellphone-Mate and Weboost Wilson Electronics. Cellphone-Mate and Wilson Electronics are the premier cellular signal booster companies in the USA.



Making the cell phone coverage inside your building as good as the coverage you get outside.

King Com Cable Networking cellular signal booster systems in Minneapolis Minnesota

Cellular Buildings

The signal is received by the outside antenna from the cell tower, then AMPLIFIED and transmitted to your phone through the inside antenna. When the phone transmits, the signal is received by the inside antenna, then AMPLIFIED and transmitted to the cell tower through the outside antenna.
The Force 5 product series is revolutionizing the solution to Cellular Signal Boosters.

Common Purchasing Question:You have a building that is about 75,000 square feet. Do you go with 3 consumer commercial grade signal boosters that covers approximately 20,000 to 25,000 sq. ft. each, or do you go with the industrial signal booster system that covers 80,000 sq. ft.? Both would be the right solution. If you went with 3 of the consumer cellular signal boosters the cost would be about $15,000. If you went with the industrial cellular signal booster the price would be about the same. Actually the 3 consumer commercial grade cellular signal boosters would give the best outcome due to flexibility of configuration.  Please keep in mind that the complexity of the construction and configuration of the building can be a determining factor in the cost also. Another plus for the consumer commercial grade cellular signal booster is that it is easy to register with the FCC the consumer signal boosters. It is more complex to register the industrial cellular signal boosters with the carriers, and could take months for approval before it can be installed. In the evaluation of the project, King Com Cable is looking for the best solution and cost for your needs. New FCC rules and guide lines went in to affect in May 2014. Only approved FCC cellular signal boosters can now be installed and must be registered.  We do the registering for you. We can custom design a solution for your specific building configuration. The Force5 Voice and Data Cell Phone Signal Booster System for commercial buildings is the top selling signal booster system in the USA and here in Minnesota.