April 24, 2017

Data Cabling, Structured Cabling

King Com Cable’s professional low voltage technicians are well versed in all forms of data cabling, copper wiring and specialize in modern fiber optics. We understand and take seriously that your company’s structured cabling system is the foundation upon which your entire voice and data capabilities operate and that is why we offer a 20 Year Warranty on our cabling installations.

If you are looking to upgrade a Structured Cabling, Data CablingSystem, Video cabling or install a new Voice Data Cabling system, you have come to the right place.

We specialize in Fiber Termination & Fiber Splicing, Structured Cabling, Voice Data Cabling, Data Cabling, Data Cable certification, Fiber Termination, Wireless Access-Points, and so much more to meet your communications needs for your business.


Naturally we install and service Cat5 data cable, Cat5E cable, Cat6 cable and Cat7 data cabling and data network copper cabling solutions and all compliant with ANSI/TIA/EIA specifications. King Com Cable uses cable trays, Velcro, J hooks, and cable ties which are the typical supporting means. Quality industry terminal products are used for a professional and clean installation. We certify 100% of the installed cable with industry standard certifying equipment and we provide printed labels so there is no confusion.

We provide services for: Data Centers, Schools, clean rooms, labs, School Computer Rooms, office complex, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hospitals, health care providers, government buildings and business office environments. King Com Cable also offers Data Cabling patching from the data cables termination point in the telecommunications closet to the network switches, hubs and servers. Yes we do installation and service of optical fiber. We are experienced in Single Mode as well as Multimode 62.5 micron and laser optimized 50 micron fiber. We pride ourselves in our Fiber Splicing and Fiber Termination.

We Do 100% Cabling Testing

70% or more of cable network problems are caused by faulty cabling! Quality is important to us and that is why we ensure that our network data cable is properly installed and optimally functional. We test 100% of all our cabling and network data cable terminations. Our low voltage technicians are required to evaluate their work through a detailed mechanical testing process that must return a 100% data cable pass grade. After checking each individual cable remotely, we can be sure that you will achieve maximum performance from all of your networking cabled devices and that each data cable meets industry standardized certification.