April 24, 2017

Fiber Splicing, Fiber Termination

King Com Cable Networking in Minnesota, is well known for its quality fiber termination and fiber splicing. But when it comes to Fiber Optics we do not stop there. We are also known for our fiber optic cable installation. As a Fiber Optic contractor  we offer a wide range of optical fiber splicing services, that include fiber optic installs of single or multimode fiber; fiber optic cable testing and certification. Our fiber termination & fiber splicing encompasses (ST – SC – LC – MTRJ connectors). Quality control and your satisfaction is our up most concern. Our fiber termination, fiber splicing and other fiber optic cabling services depends on your referrals. So we work hard to satisfy.

If you require Underground Fiber between buildings, King Com Cable can also arrange for trenched in conduit and or aerial installations of your fiber cabling. We also can provide Fiber Optic Back Bones and Fiber Optic Dmarc and Dmarc Extensions.

When it comes to Outside Plant Termination & Splicing and Inside Plant Termination and Spicing, other wise know as OSP and ISP, we do it all with the highest quality in mind. There are several great companies in Minnesota that provide fiber termination & fiber splicing, we are proud to be one of them. We provide extensive testing and system documentation for all our fiber optic termination & splicing projects.

King Com Cable Networking provides several other fiber optic services such as, Copper Splicing, Coax Splicing, Long Haul Aerial & Underground, Reel Testing, Full System Splicing, Overbuild, Mid Sheath Laterals, Entrance Cabinets, Distribution Panels, New Build Extensions, System Cut Overs, Retrofit & Upgrade Splicing and several others.

We provide services for Minnesota School Districts, Minnesota Campuses, some Minnesota Counties, Hospitals & Health Care Facilities, Government Buildings for departments of the State of Minnesota as well as small are large businesses and commercial construction. We have years of experience and would be honored to have the opportunity to have your business.

Affordable Fiber Optic Cabling Pricing
While Fiber Optic Cabling is not cheap, it does not have to be cost prohibitive, and we certainly do not want you to break the bank to pay for it. King Com Cable prides itself as having the best fiber optic cabling pricing in Minnesota. So if you are looking for quality fiber optic cabling installation, fiber splicing and fiber termination or more at very competitive pricing, you have come to the right place. We have no hidden charges either. Please call us and find out for yourself by allowing us to do your request for proposal and or bids and you will see why we are considered Minnesota’s best fiber splicing & data cabling company.

20 Year Cabling Warranty

King Com Cable Networking is proud to offer a 20 year warranty on all Data Cabling & Voice Cabling installation as well as Fiber Optic Cabling, Fiber Termination & Fiber Splicing.
If the workmanship of one of our Data Cabling installation, Data Voice Cabling installation, Fiber Optic Cabling, Fiber Termination & Fiber Splicing is defective we will repair or replace it without charge.

Quality work means well-planned and properly executed cabling by a professional technician with experience in quality cabling installation service, and that is what you can expect from King Com Cable Networking.

However, this warranty does not cover:

A data cable damaged, due to faulty installation or work done by another contractor.
Damage caused by rodents or other animals.
Tampering by anyone, other than King Com Cable, that results in data cabling failure.
Damage due to changes of the original cabling installation, other than by King Com Cable.
Damage caused by weather, neglect or fire.

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