April 22, 2017

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King Com Cable Networking Services

We are proud to serve the great state of Minnesota. We do more than just fiber splicing, fiber termination, data cabling, voice data cabling, network cabling, structured cabling and cellular signal booster system installations. We take pride in our work and our service to our customers. Once a customer of King Com Cable always a customer. King Com Cable has done work for many Fortune 500 companies as well as for the Minnesota State Government, Minnesota Counties & Cities and Minnesota Schools & Campuses. We provide our service also to small business to large multi story commercial buildings. We like to say that No Job Is Too Big For King Com Cable, or to small. Please give us the opportunity to serve you and earn your loyalty. Go to our Contact US page and fill in the information and a short description of the service you require, and someone from our team will personally get back to you with in 24 hours. King Com Cable is proud to offer a 20 Warranty on our cabling.

King Com Cable Networking Data Cabling Installation in Minneapolis & Cellular Signal Booster Systems other many cabling services provided throughout Minnesota.

  • Data Cabling Installation in Minneapolis & Minnesota
  • : CAT5|CAT5E | CAT6 |CAT7 & Fiber Optic
  • Local Area Network Office cabling
  • Structured cabling installation for building back-bone cabling connections
  • Cable moves, add cables & cable changes to your existing cabling infrastructure
  • Wall Mount Cabinets, PC Racks & Computer Cabinets
  • Cable patching and data patch panel installations
  • Data Systems Analysis and Design
  • Professional Data Cabling Installation Technicians
  • Data Cable Wall Mount Cabinets, Cable Server Racks
  • Network Cabling Analysis and Network Cabling Design
  • Outside Plant Cable Installation
  • Data Cable Requirements Analysis & System Specification
  • Installation of Cat5, Cat5E & Cat6 & Cat7 Structured Cable
  • Integrated Voice & Data Cabling
  • Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Video & Security Cabling
  • Emergency & urgent call out data certified cable technician
  • Switch, Router and Firewall Installation
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Installation & Termination
  • Fiber Termination & Fiber Splicing
  • Diagnosing, testing and repair data cable and fiber optic cable
  • Telephone cabling & Cellular Signal Booster Systems
  • Phone VOIP Network and VOIP Telephone Cabling
  • Network Infrastructure for VoIP like Switches & Routers
  • Emergency internal T1 line diagnosis & repair
  • Phone System Cabling for Samsung, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent and more
  • Connections of Telstra Lines to PABX / PBX
  • Spread Spectrum Radio LAN Installation
  • Network Infrastructure for 802.11 Telephony: Access Points & VoIP Gateways
  • Phone System Cabling Maintenance
  • We provide and install Fiber Optic Solutions,Horizontal and structured voice, data, video and security cabling that meets any specifications

One Stop Shop, Yes We Provide Outside Plant

King Com Cable understands you would like to keep your project less complicated as possible and your cabling needs may extend outside your building. This is why you will like the fact that we can also manage your outside plant work and keep the project more simplified for you. In other words, keep your project management with one qualified contact, King Com Cable.

The contractors we use for theoutside plant work are the best in Minnesota. They are certified, bonded, experienced. Our reputation is  on the line, so we only use contractors we trust. And yes, they will restore the grounds to their original condition.

We can provide Conduit installation, Direct burial of communication cables, Directional boring, Aerial/overhead installations, Wide-Area Networks (WANs) and Emergency repairs. Remember No Job Is Too Big For King Com Cable Networking Inc

King Com Cable Networking is proud to be an official Service Provider of the Schools & Library Program E-Rate in Minnesota, providing Data Cabling Installation, Wireless Access Points, Wi-Fi, LAN, Data Voice Cabling, Fiber  Termination, Fiber Splicing and Cellular Signal Booster Systems and Audio Visual Equipment.

20 Year Cabling Warranty

King Com Cable Networking is proud to offer a 20 year warranty on all Data Cabling & Voice Cabling installation, Fiber Optic Cabling, Fiber Termination & Fiber Splicing.
If the workmanship of one of our Data Cabling installation, Data Voice Cabling installation, Fiber Optic Cabling, Fiber Termination & Fiber Splicing is defective we will repair or replace it without charge.

Quality work means well-planned and properly executed cabling by a professional technician with experience in quality cabling installation service, and that is what you can expect from King Com Cable Networking.

However, this warranty does not cover:

A data cable or fiber optic cable damaged, due to faulty installation or work done by another contractor.
Damage caused by rodents or other animals.
Tampering by anyone, other than King Com Cable, that results in data cabling failure.
Damage due to changes of the original cabling installation, other than by King Com Cable.
Damage caused by weather, neglect or fire.

King Com Cable Networking Offering: Structured Cabling, Fiber Splicing , Data Voice Cabling, Fiber Termination, Data Cabling, Copper Splicing, Network Data Cabling, Cellular Signal Booster Systems, Copper Cable Salvage, Security Camera Installs, School Data Cabling, Cell Phone Signal Boosters, Cellular Antenna Boosters, E-Rate Schools, E-Rate Data Cabling, E-Rate School Districts, Data Cabling Installation Minnesota, Cellular Signal Booster Systems Minnesota, Fiber Optic Splicing & Cabling Minnesota, Serving  Minnesota.